Pre-War Vintage Car Parts

With over 30 years Experience in the Vintage Car Industry, We now also Specialise in the Remanufacture of W.O. Vintage Bentley Spare Parts, Lagonda Spare Parts and Low Chassis 'S' Type Invicta Spare Parts and also have a very keen interest in 1907 Itala. For Our Vintage Car Restoration Business please see

Over the last few years we have Fully Restored a number of W.O. 6½ Litre Vintage Bentleys, Speed Six's, Lagondas and Low Chassis 'S' Type Invictas which have achieved numerous Rally successes including many "Monte Carlo" Rally wins with Low Chassis Invictas, Long distance Rallies with Lagondas and Speed Six's e.g. "London to Cape Town" "Peking to Paris" and more recently "The Bentley Alaskan Tour".

Other achievements with Vintage Bentleys, Lagondas and Italas include Class wins at "Pebble Beach" with a Speed Six Vintage Bentley and many wins at International Concours d'Elegance events.

As a Veteran and Vintage Bentley Owner/Restorer as well as Rally Support and Competitor, we pride ourselves in having the Knowledge, Enthusiasm and Expertise to be able to offer the Most Detailed and Comprehensive Service to our Worldwide Customer Base.

If you are contemplating buying a Vintage Bentley, an Invicta or Lagonda or already own a Pre War Bentley, High or Low Chassis Lagonda or an S Type Invicta and need any Vintage Bentley Spare Parts, Invicta Spare Parts or Lagonda Spare Parts or need some guidance then please do contact us for some Expert Advice. After years of extensive research in remanufacturing we are proud to be able to offer for sale our Extensive Range of Quality Vintage Bentley Parts, Invicta Spare Parts as well as our Lagonda Spare Parts.

Although we do consider ourselves Specialist in the W O Vintage Bentley Marque, Lagonda and S Type Invicta, we can also provide Expert Advice and Guidance on all Pre War Cars.

So if you are looking to purchase Vintage Bentley Parts, Lagonda Parts or Invicta Parts for you Vintage Car then please browse our website and email for further advice, prices and delivery date.

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